Bath Bomb Recipes

Bath Bomb Recipe With Kaolin Clay
This bath bomb recipe provides skin softening goodness with the addition of Kaolin Clay. You're skin will love you once you've enjoyed this great bath bomb!

Bubble Gum Bath Bomb
This bath bomb recipe creates a fizzy that will have your children begging to take a bath. The fizzy is fun to watch as the pink foam rises to the surface of the water, and the bubble gum scent will have any child loving the idea of bathing in “bubble gum” water.

Flower Herb Garden Bath Bomb
This wonderful floral herbal bath bomb blend will fill your bathroom with delightful scents of roses and rosemary. A touch of sweet almond oil leaves your skin feeling silky soft with the floral fragrance lingering long after your bath.

Pick Me Up Peppermint Bath Bombs
This bath bomb recipe makes a perfect peppermint scented bath bomb that will help one wake up in the mornings. The scent of peppermint will help one feel revived, refreshed and ready to take on the days tasks. Add this one to a tub full of cold water and your skin will sing as you bathe and your skin will also tingle throughout the morning.

Lavender Bath Bombs
This bath bomb recipe makes a relaxing lavender bomb that almost anyone is sure to enjoy. The scent of lavender in a warm bath is a perfect way to wind down after a long days work.

Basic Bath Bombs
This basic bath bomb recipe can be used to create an unlimited number of different types of bath bombs. Just add your favorite fragrance, desired colorant and you’ll have your own custom bath bombs to enjoy or resell for profit.

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