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Refreshing Minty Bath Salts

Nothing beats the zing of mint to provide a pleasing way to lift ones spirits. This bath salt recipes combines 2 types of mint with exotic oils to provide an uplifting experience that your skin will absolutely love!

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Lavender Rose Bath Salts

These bath salts provide a romantic solitude in the tub for men and women alike. The gentle and romantic fragrance of rose combined with the relaxing clam scent of lavender will certainly get almost anyone in the mood for romance and love.

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Free Recipe For Homemade Bath Salts

If you wish to learn how to make your own free recipe for homemade bath salts then you’ll find it a very easy task to do. The general rule to follow when developing your own bath salts recipe is this:

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Solid Bath Salt Recipe

You can make solid bath salts by following this recipe. These make great gifts for your loved ones. Simply wrap a few of them in cellophane then tie some attractive tulle or ribbon around them for pizazz. These also make great wedding favors!

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Basic Bath Salts

This bath salt recipe is easy to make, and wonderful to use. Create your own bath salts blends by adding your choice of fragrance and colorant to create many different types of bath salts for your pleasure.

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Luxury Bath Salts Recipe

This bath salts recipe is intended as a special gift for loved ones or as a special treat for special occasions. These bath salts are more expensive to make than most typical bath salt recipes, but the added expense is well worth it.

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Tropical Paradise Bath Salts

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These bath salts are perfect for those who love the tropics, but can’t find time to visit them. Exotic scents will surround you as you soak in a delightful blend of tropical fragrances.   The addition of cocoa butter and babassu oil leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, without a greasy feeling. The tropical […]

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