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Sweet Suds Salt Scrub

This salt scrub recipe is great for using in the kitchen. It leaves hands feeling soft and pampered after one has completed household chores. A jar of this salt scrub has sit on my kitchen windowsill for 3 years now, and has remained completely mold free.

The fragrance has stayed as strong as it was on the day I made my first batch. I absolutely love this recipe! It’s a fantastic recipe for those who wish to make gifts to give to loved ones.




Complete instructions on how to make this salt scrub recipe is provided at




2 Oz Babbasu Oil
2 Oz Jojoba Oil
4 Oz Soap Shreds
1 Pound Sea Salt
2 Oz Cocoa Butter
1 Tablespoon EO or 2 Tablespoons FO
Several Drops Favorite Food Colorant