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    Making Bath Salts

    If you wish to learn how to make your own free recipe for homemade bath salts then you’ll find it a very easy task to do. The general rule to follow when developing your own bath salts recipe is this...

All Sorts Of Wonderful Bath, Body & Beauty Recipes From Homemade Soap To Fragrant Perfumes

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Basic Bath Bombs

This basic bath bomb recipe can be used to create an unlimited number of different types of bath bombs. Just add your favorite fragrance, desired colorant and you’ll have your own custom bath bombs to enjoy or resell for profit.

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Homemade Soap Without Lye

This recipe lets one make homemade soap without lye, using the handmilled soap making technique. This technique makes a wonderful homemade soap without the need to measure all sorts of dangerous ingredients.

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Basic Lotion Bar

This lotion bar recipe can be used to create your own custom recipe using your own selection of oils and butters. Liquid oils would be oils like olive oil, sweet almond oil and/or vegetable oil. Solid oils or butters would be oils like coconut oil and/or palm oil or butters like shea, mango or cocoa butter.

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