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Body Butter Bath Bar

If you like butters in your homemade soaps, then this recipe is sure to be a pleasure for you.

Although this homemade soap is a bit expensive to make, you’ll find the expense well worth it the first time to use a bar.

We combined a variety of exotic butters with safflower oil to create a soap recipe that produces stable and moisturizing lather. This is not something one would want to use every day, but it does make a soap that is wonderful for a weekly treat.




This soap is made using the cold process soap making method. Do not attempt to make this if you do not know how to make cold process soap and do not know the proper safety procedures for making this type of soap.




6 oz Sweet Almond Butter
3 oz Castor Oil
6 oz Cocoa Butter
6 oz Hemp Seed Butter
6 oz Kokum Butter
6 oz Mango Butter
10 oz Palm Kernel Oil
10 oz Safflower Oil
15 oz Water
7 oz Lye