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Avocado Carrot Yogurt Face Mask

This face mask nourishes your skin while providing the cleansing power of carrots, avocados and yogurt combined. This facemask recipe is literally good enough to eat!

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Facial Scrub

This gentle sugar scrub can be used as a facial cleanser even if one has sensitive skin. To use, rub the sugar scrub gently on the skin then rinse.

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Blackhead Buster

This face mask recipe isn’t meant to be used all over your face. It’s just to be used on your chin, nose and other areas that is prone to blackhead breakouts.

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Face Mask Peel

This facial peel will make your face feel nice and clean once used. This recipe makes enough for one treatment. Discard any leftover mixture after your first treatment.

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Honey I Love You Face Mask

This face mask makes a wonderful perk me up for your face each morning before you go to work. Your face will feel silky and clean, and the mask is gentle enough for every day use.

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