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Geisha Milk Bath

This milk bath recipe will leave the skin feeling tight and clean. The combination of sea salt and seaweed provides a wonderful mixture that is perfect for a woman’s skin.

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Pure Delight Milk Bath Recipe

This is milk bath recipe is sure to be loved by men and women alike. This combination of herbs, oats, powdered goat milk and Epsom salts will leave your skin going YUM!

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Soy Milk Powder Bath Recipe

This delightful soy milk powder bath recipe will leave the skin feeling soft and silky. If one doesn’t have soy powder then one can replace this ingredient with regular powdered milk or powdered goats milk.

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Silky Smooth Milk Bath

This milk bath leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky soft after a nice warm bath. This is a great bath to use when shaving the legs to leave them feeling silky smooth.

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Sweet Dreams Milk Bath

This milk bath combines milk, epsom salts and relaxing lavender essential oils to create a calming bath that anyone is sure to enjoy. The milk makes your skin feel baby skin smooth, the epsom salts help tired and aching muscles and the lavender scent helps one to relax so that they can sleep peacefully at […]

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Creamy Coco Oats Bath

If you have ever wished that you could bathe in cream, then you are going to love this milk bath. Using a combination of skin loving ingredients, your skin will scream for more as you bathe.

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