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Shampoo And Shower Gel Recipe

This recipe creates a fabulous shampoo / shower gel combination. It can be used to wash the hair, as well as the body. With delightful suds and super lather, anyone is sure to absolutely love this formula! It can also be used as a bubble bath.

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Hot Oil Treatment Shampoo

This shampoo combines the gentle cleaning of shampoo and the deep conditioning of a hot oil treatment. Your scalp will feel oh so wonderful once you treat your hair with this pleasing blend of natural soap, oils and butter.

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Conditioning Shampoo

The added oils in this shampoo recipes leaves hair feeling silky soft and smooth. This is a great shampoo recipe one can use for dry hair or split ends.

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Sweet Yet Gentle Shampoo

This gentle shampoo will leave your hair soft and clean. You can create your own custom blend by adding your favorite fragrances. This shampoo makes a great gift for loved ones.

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