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Baby Oatmeal Milk Soap Recipe

This baby oatmeal milk soap recipe is made of nothing more than milk, oatmeal and olive oil. This is gentle enough for any child to use, just be sure to test the PH before using on any child under 5 years of age. Also it’s not recommended to use this soap on newborns or babies […]

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Old Timey Tallow Soap

If you wish to make soap the truly old fashioned way, use nothing but tallow and potash. This recipe makes approximately 3 pounds of pure tallow old timey soap.

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Handmade Soap Without Lye

This recipe lets one make homemade soap without lye, using the handmilled soap making technique. This technique makes a wonderful homemade soap without the need to measure all sorts of ingredients.   This technique is so easy to do that even a child can make handmilled soap using this method.  

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Body Butter Bath Bar

If you like butters in your homemade soaps, then this recipe is sure to be a pleasure for you. Although this homemade soap is a bit expensive to make, you’ll find the expense well worth it the first time to use a bar.

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Half Castille ~ With half the curing time

This homemade soap produces a gentle creamy lather, and leaves the skin feeling silky clean. It’s great for castille lovers who love the benefits of olive oil, but who do not like the long curing time or slimy lather of 100% olive oil castille soap.

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