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Rose Garden Solid Perfume

If you love the smell of roses then this solid perfume will have you smelling as if you are surrounded by hundreds of beautiful and fragrant flowers.

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Patchouli Solid Perfume

Patchouli isn’t for just grandmothers; it’s a wonderful scent that teens and adults enjoy today as much as they did back in the 50’s. This patchouli solid perfume recipe provides a perfume that gives just the slightest touch of Patchouli fragrance that isn’t loud.

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Fruity Melon Solid Perfume

This solid perfume recipe makes a fruity perfume that teens will love to use. When combining Mango butter with the wonderful scents of Melon, Apples and Apricots one discovers a wonderful scent that reminds one of a country farm with a touch of the Tropics.

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Victorian Floral Solid Perfume

This solid perfume is easy to use and has a delightful Victorian floral scent. It’s a wonderful perfume that’s just absolutely perfect for every day use.

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