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Mango Melon Lip Balm

This lip balm feels as good as it tastes. Teens love the flavor of mango mixed with melon, and adults love the way the Jojoba oil and Mango butter soaks into the lips for super smooth lips and a sensual smile.



Melt the Beeswax, Mango butter and Jojoba oil in a double boiler. Let cool for 5 minutes then add the flavor oils and sweetener or Stevita then pipe into lip balm tubes or containers. Let cool then enjoy.


This recipe will make 6 .15 ounce tubes or 4 .25 ounces containers of lip balm.




1/4 Ounce Beeswax
1/4 Ounce Mango Butter
1/4 Ounce Jojoba Oil
1/2 ML Mango Lip Balm Flavor
1/2 ML Melon Lip Balm Flavor
1 ML Lip Balm Sweetener Or Liquid Stevita